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Center commemorative shields
Center commemorative shields Center commemorative shields: the first center specializing in all supplies Memorial under one roof and has established our center in Riyadh, followed by another branch in Al Khobar, eastern Saudi Arabia, and soon will have a new branch in the city of Dammam and we specialize in the processing and preparation supplies commemorative offering in formal occasions, especially commemorative plaques, medals and awards different to most of our customers when they have occasion to honor such retired employee or student superior or student superior or congratulation appropriate success or marriage, we are forging a phrase required to shield remains over the days of the carries anniversary scented we have designed a wide range of commemorative shields different to suit their with the client requests the mismatch appropriate for the student superior, including the fitting of personal highlights, we have numbers, most of the orders for events held in the UK and most of the Gulf states, especially sports tournaments and events youth camps and Scout camps and most recently the camp Arab XXIV, which was held in the city of Taif, where we designed and equipped with all the souvenirs of trophies and pins and badges and different gifts slogan camp as we care about small quantities just as interested in large amounts and treat orders small as we treat large quantities and have a network to send large to various countries around the world and the Arab Gulf countries, especially to deliver orders via express mail. more...

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