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The Company was established in 1991, it began as a modest enterprise in Saudi Arabia. Its continuous pursuit of excellence, and commitment to bring the latest innovations in the printing industry, has resulted in consistent growth. The company is trying to provide Saudi Market the complete solutions pertaining to any line in the Graphic Arts industry (Offset, packaging, Flexo and Silk screen). PrintAid Trading Corp. was incorporated in 2006 with a view to serve the printing industry in the Gulf countries and Jordan by providing consistent supply of good quality equipment’s, materials, paper & board at competitive prices. We are proud to say that we added a very important aspect – professionalism- to the graphic arts trade in the Gulf. Our professionalism ensured that our customers could buy all their requirements of equipment’s, materials, paper & board from one source – thanks to our efficient inventory control & re-ordering system. Milestones & Achievements :: PrintAid Corp.; has proved throughout the years as a professional company that can be relied upon in providing outstanding and excellent offer sales technical support services. Vision & Mission :: Our Mission is to maintain market leadership in the printing Industry, by continually expanding and enhancing our product lines, as well as providing an excellent and reliable offer sales technical support services. • PrintAid Corp. Vision and Mission are to be the premier supplier for the printing industry in our defined markets. • To develop, sell and provide quality and solutions for all our partners, service and innovation at a fair price. • To provide a stimulating work environment that supports personal growth, individual contribution and teamwork. • Our customers count on us for fast, responsive service to keep their printing job at today's demanding standards. • We will help your company grow and prosper through the technological changes that are bringing all of us into the future.
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Head Office: Riyadh - Malaz - Omar bin al-Khattab Street
Phone: 966-11-2917776
Fax: 966-11-2910880
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