national factory for bottles and caps

The national factory for packaging, covers and plastic accessories The national factory located in Dammam - the second industrial city is pleased to offer you the best products with very high quality and very very reasonable prices Our products are as following: All types of plastic containers for different use, cosmetic, such as shampoo, lotion, baby powder, lip balm, etc., are used as fillers for filling motor oils, lubricants, dyes, and many more, as well as food packages such as Bahwa, Halawa, flour, pickles, spices and storage. ...etc We are pleased to announce new lines soon to be started and confined as a factory in the eastern region .. 1. Integrated line for the manufacture and production of agriculture pipes and drip irrigation. 2-line manufacturing of large-sized water bottles (water jerry cans) of 15-20-25-30 liters Our factory always offers the best to its customers For the best service and the fullest and fastest time please when you apply for a product of our products to provide us with sizes and quantities so that we can provide the best for you and us to serve you. To communicate National factory for packaging, blankets and plastic supplies Email:
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Phone: 966-13-8121010
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national factory for bottles and caps
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