Mansour Almalik Holding Company (MAHC)

Mansour Almalik Holding Company (MAHC) is a leading investment and business development company which is registered in Saudi Arabia. It takes an active role in the companies invests in to foster growth and profitability through its financial resources and its management expertise. MAHC, Provide investment on Real estate development. Finance, engineering and construction and oil and gas companies. Each of these portfolio companies is expecting to grow in its particular market or industry. We are focused on one objective: helping our portfolio company management teams build successful organizations that dominate their markets. By channeling our collective team's broad range of operational, technical and financial expertise into supporting each company in our portfolio, our firm is able to leverage a global network of knowledge and relationships on behalf of our entrepreneurs. MAHC has four different divisions:- 1) Gulf Power Projects: Almalik is one of the top investment group in Saudi, focusing primarily on development of energy & infrastructure projects, investment banking, business consulting, corporate finance, investment advisory, legal advice, and capital market transactions. Our clients arrange financing through banks and other credit sources, we will take an equity position in a project and operate it as the sole owner or in partnership with other companies. Almalik participates in many power generation, cogeneration, and hydrogen projects as an owner or operator at locations around the world. We also offer complete packages for the operation of power, cogeneration, and process plants that encompass all of the disciplines needed to keep your plant running cleanly and efficiently. 2) Almalik Real Estate Development: Amalik has long been one of the nations most established and respected owners, developers, and managers of commercial real estate. Our most proud accomplishments are the program and projects that benefit the communities we service. We are well positioned to translate its high level of customer service, sound financial management and real estate investment and development expertise into continued long-term, sustainable value and growth. MAHC is able to move quickly on development and investment opportunities because it maintains substantial liquid assets and additional funds on standing unsecured credit lines. This financial stability has been a key factor in the continued growth and success of our company. 3) Almalik Financial Investment: Almalik have steadily built our track record by providing superior investment performance and quality service to investors. During that time, we have maintained the highest standards in every aspect of our operations. Most of all, we have maintained our resolve to assist our clients by helping them take firm control of their own financial future. Almalik also provides you with an extensive range of products and services that are designed to make investing easy, and with the flexibility to choose the products and services that will help you to achieve your financial objectives. 4) Trans Desert Military Logistics: MAHC provide investment opportunity to military and commercial customers in this country and abroad, and are engaged in strategic development on a global basis. Without question, the greatest challenge to any organization is its ability to fulfill the needs and expectations of its clients. All our efforts are geared toward achieving this task. Our objective is to provide a high level of information to our clients and service them in a manner which is unparalleled by our peers.
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Contact Information
MAHC can be reached at: P. O. Box No. 68687, Riyadh 11537, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 966-11-2016000
Fax: 966-11-2019922
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