Based on HANNECARD KALKER experience which exceeds 100 years in all types of rollers covering with a complete range of elastomers . We offer our valued customers, from our factory in Riyadh second industrial area manufacturing and covering services of rollers in all field. Modern and efficient production methods enable us to react to, and meat , the most specific needs of our customers in an optimum timescale. Each day our qualified team advice and guide our customers by giving them key solutions and comprehensive services in terms of providing them with most suitable rollers covering for their needs. Our company target is to fastlly respond to its customer's requests in the area linked to roller manufacturing and covering and provide them with best solutions for those requests. The precise control of full range of elastomers, consisting of more than 800 formulas developed in the laboratories of our mother company in Belgium and France, enables us to provide an immediate solution for all types of applications. HANNECARD Saudi is delighted to provide its customers in all times, its production's capacities with a full range of natural and synthetic rubber types such as Nitrile, Polychloroprene, Hypalon, Ebonites, Silicones and Fluoro-Elastomers as well as different Polyurethanes and Resins. Relying on a full range of elastomers from 10 shore A up to 1P & J, we have the necessary experience to cover and recover all types of rollers : * Squeegee Rollers. * Wringer rollers * Applicator rollers * Counter rollers * Applicator rollers for color coating lines covered with Monkal (polyurethane) * Varnish and Lacquer Rollers. * Embossing Rollers. * Spreader Rollers. * Rollers for Corona Treatment. * Rollers for Conveyor Systems. * Rollers for Folding Machines. * Rollers for a Gravure, Flexo graphic and Offset Printing. * Drive Rollers. * Textile Nip Rollers. * Felt Guide Rollers.
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