ITE-Serv Co. Ltd.

Al Jubail
We represent Global Manufacturers in Saudi and Bahrain. • Tools and Cutting Equipment - USA and Germany • Deoiling, Dewatering, Fuel and Oil Treatment Systems – Germany • Vavles and Castings – Taiwan • InfoTech Services, IT Audits, Business Audits, ERP Services – India • Sharepoint Development, Microsoft Dynamics, Mobile Apps – UK
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Contact Information
PO Box 6576, Al Dana Business Centre King Faisal West Road, Jubail 35514 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: 966-13-3624415
Fax: 966-13-3625300
Mobile: 966-502505931
Company Email:
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Additional contact info:
Tel: 013 3624436, Mob: 050 721 9009
Email: /
Person In Charge
Phone: 966-13-3624415
Mobile: 966-536506806
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