Al Tayyar Travel Group

Al Tayyar Travel Group provide all travel and tourism services to our customers, including reservation, ticketing for all major domestic, regional and international flights, follow-up and confirmation of reservation as well as ticketing for land, sea and train transportation facilities. We provide all services required by tourists including worldwide hotel booking, within the Kingdom we offer our luxurious furnished apartments and hotel rooms nationwide. Beside leisure tourism, we also organize special tourism services like incentive trips, Hajj and Umrah programs, honey-moon trips, medical and educational programs, and conference and meeting services and across the globe. Al Tayyar Travel Group also provides distinguished land, sea and air transportation means to various Saudi Arabian urban and rural centers along with land, marine and air cargo services, issuance of (Triptick) customs pass, international driving licenses, customs clearance for goods and commodities, packing and insurance, car rental, aircraft, yacht and ship charters and special leasing for private luxury holiday islands. In 1980, Dr. Nasser Bin Akeel Al Tayyar launched a small reservation office at Altkhassousi Street, in the heart of the business center of Riyadh. That office was run with a total capital of just one million Riyals and only had four employees; today Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Company is one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia with prominent local, regional and international branches. Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Company is a Saudi joint-stock company with 14 affiliated companies that provide outstanding and distinguished travel and tourism services through more than 300 offices within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as 20 international offices. An extension of its expansive policies the Capital has been raised in 2013 to 1.200 million Saudi Riyals (320 million US dollars) with an increase of 400 million Saudi Riyals from the retained profits, and each existing 2 shares has been given one free share on the date of general meeting held on 02/04/2013.
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PO Box 52660 Riyadh 11573
Phone: 966-11-4633133
Fax: 966-11-4656049
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