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Since it was established by his Royal Highness , Prince Abdulla Bin Mosaad Bin Abdul Aziz AlSaud and Mrs. Tomader M. Ayad in 1998., O.I.S has enjoyed a reputation that qualified it to gain the trust of parents as well as the accreditation of respected educational organizations . In the year 2000-2001, the school got the approval of David Game College Group as an educational institution to teach the British curriculum to 645 students registered up to grade 9 .In 2003-2004, the school transferred premises with a total number of 932 students. By March 2005, the school has been inspected by the CITA accredited visit for Quality Assurance Review .The visit has resulted in accrediting the school by the committee , a fact that urged all the school staff to exert more efforts not only to keep what they gained but also to achieve more .Then, opening classes of senior grades, 10 to 12 , in the year 2006-2007 encouraged so many students to join the school that the total number increased from 2385 in 2009-2010 to more than 3000 in 2012-2013. The school was re- accredited by the AdvancED in 2011 for 5 years based on the new standards of accrediting the American schools. Also , one important breakthrough that the school has achieved is that it has become an accredited SAT Test Center since October 2013 . This raising rate of students‘ number reflects the credibility that O.I.S is enjoying in not only Riyadh but also other regions , as students whose parents move from other cities to work in Riyadh put O.I.S as a first priority when it is time to register for school . The concept of development is always there at O.I.S to achieve what is best for students and the whole educational process .As a result , the school has put plans to build a new premises well facilitated and equipped to meet the standards of an institution of American curriculum. The school has transfered to the new premises since 2011 to keep its commitment towards parents and students of the ongoing process of improvement. Since the beginning of implementing the American curriculum within the school, a lot of efforts have been and are still being exerted to help students go through this curriculum as well as pass the SAT I and SAT II exams. Applying the delivery methods that help students grasp the contents of different subjects in interactive ways is a privilege that is always available at O.I.S. Lessons of SAT I English and Math , and SAT II different subjects are formally set within the weekly schedules of 10th, 11th , and 12th graders. Many teachers at O.I.S are qualified enough to conduct lessons of SAT I and SAT II subjects. Standardized tests- MAP in English (reading & language ) and Mathematics- are used at school to norm students globally. Other forms of standardized tests in English, Math, and Science (biology, chemistry, and physics) are being given to students to prepare them for the real SAT I and SAT II tests.
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P.O.BOX: 23661 Riyadh 11553
Phone: 966-11-4152708
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