Technology Age For Trd.

Technology Age For Trd. one of Saleh Abdul Rahman Obaid commercial institutions experts specialize in: • languages ​​and digital multimedia & Digital coefficient language Labs. Multimedia • electronic loops for the memorization of the Koran. • Preparation of computer networks and the supply of automated computer desktop and laptop and electronic blackboards. • supply and installation of surveillance and alarms and gates and inspection devices and hardware footprint cameras. • halls, local television circuits used in processing places female distance education. • academic programs for school management preparation (students - study materials - preparing lessons - typical servings - and duties - multiple-choice tests - Automatic correction of the tests) Mission and goal • Our mission devise modern methods in the laboratory by a factor of digital video and audio processing (Audio & Vision) of high quality and specifications of advanced educational technology which enables the teacher of the audio broadcast of several different materials from multiple sources broadcast to students with the with the provision of broadcast image on different display devices to All students while providing an environment for the student being able to interact with professors article at ease and pleased. • Provide practical solutions and facilitate the process of keeping the book of God through the memorization of the Koran electronic loops. • Production of memorization of the Koran coefficient E to increase the effectiveness of memorization and shorten its duration. • Our mission is to try to provide practical solutions in advanced educational technology, using modern and fun for the student teaching methods. • To provide interactive communication between the basic elements of the educational process the teacher and the student and the school and the Guardian by employing all the modern techniques and technology education environment. • upgrading the achievement of the students and develop their abilities in all educational materials. • Our goal is to be among the best companies that provide technical solutions through a strong process of selection of specialists in educational technology experts, educational and academic programs that operate full link between the school and the teacher and the student and the guardian and educational material which gives a strong education outcomes • contribute to rooting advanced educational technology industry a high-level professional basis. • Development of educational technology methods to keep pace with global developments in order to get a strong education outcomes. • Increase the level of achievement of the students and develop their ability to learn English and other materials and keeping the book of God and through the use of modern technology methods in communicating with the students inside the acoustics and cutting-edge multimedia labs.
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