King Khaled Military College

King Khalid Military College was founded based on the Royal Decree created under this name, to follow the preparation and the graduation of officers of the National Guard operation, which began wing candidates, which opened in 1385, and then followed by military officers to graduate school, which opened in 1393. Was officially opening the college under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, may God protect him and take care of when he was crown prince on behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd God's mercy. According to the stipulated in the military colleges system, the main tasks of the King Khalid Military College are: (education and training of students to have the qualities that qualify him to be an officer in the armed forces), and there are several other functions of the college is working for them and harness its potential and programs, and most important: contract rehabilitation collectors officers of the National Guard courses, and to contribute to raising the level of the leadership competencies through specialized courses and seminars, scientific and military and contribute to scientific research in the military field and participate in community service through national events year-round service. The duration of the study altogether three years in six semesters take each chapter of which 15 to 16 weeks and the number of hours of study (132 credit hours) to allow the graduate to complete his university studies after earning a bachelor's degree in military science, and appoint graduate from college at the rank of lieutenant. The duration of the study of the officers are university academic year and one of intense military approach include (23) military rule gives the graduate certificate after the completion of the rehabilitation of university officers cycle. The aim of the college curriculum to graduate officer provider of scientific and practical knowledge that qualify for military action and do the obligatory leadership, To achieve this, the college curriculum is divided into: a military and a civilian. Military curriculum includes a variety of military material and other support materials. It features a number of civil curriculum materials (such as the Koran, the Islamic culture, Arabic, English, physics, chemistry, geology, biology, psychology, economics, law, public administration, history, geography and computer). Complementing the college to study in the field of education, culture, scientific research and service in the military field, the college leadership was keen to issue a specialized military magazine under the college publishes research and articles distinguished military studies that enrich the military culture and thought the name. It also issued a series of specialized scientific books, which is based on the themes of military and scientific issues. Under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz care (may Allah have mercy on him), was the graduation of the first batch of college students in the month of August 1405, was also graduation Althanih_okmalk the first session of Gamaan_ officers in the month of August 1406 under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin care Abdul Aziz, may God protect him when he was crown prince. The college is still pursuing its mission in the preparation and rehabilitation and the graduation of officers across successive payments that supply the united National Guard.
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