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Dar Al Uloom University : Mission :: Active participation in research, high-quality education, and fulfilling social responsibilities. DAU will achieve its vision through active participation in producing and disseminating knowledge and preparing human resources to take their role in the country's development plans. This is our guiding principle, which permeates our values right down to our very foundations: Accreditation: Our degree programmes are diligently monitored by accreditation procedures Technology: The delivery of our education is enhanced by the use of technology Capacity: There are rigorous staff development programmes for both academic and administrative staff Content: Our accredited programmes are enriched by state-of-the-art educational content The whole DAU community including faculty, staff, administration and students will be encouraged to equally contribute to the achievement of the institution’s vision. DAU faculty will Stay contemporary in their subject matters and integrate their expertise in the educational process Improve teaching and learning processes through sound pedagogies that help students develop critical thinking skills Regularly review the curriculum and recommend necessary improvements to meet changing needs of the Kingdom Contribute to the knowledge in their fields through effective participation in all kinds of scholarly activities Encourage students to be fully involved in scholarly, artistic and creative activities DAU staff will Sustain the ethos and objectives of DAU in their internal and external behaviour Acquire appropriate skills that will contribute towards the achievement of DAU’s vision Maintain a constructive and fair work environment DAU students will Seriously embark on intensive education to build solid grounds for becoming competent professionals Appreciate and promote Islamic values and act upon them Use knowledge and creativity to help Saudi communities excel Develop an interest in the challenges facing society and become responsible individuals who will contribute to the wellbeing of their society Participate in artistic, cultural and social activities DAU administration will Lead the institution towards its mission and vision in a fair, ethical and equitable manner Strive for inclusion of all members of the DAU community in the decision-making process Seek resources to support the DAU mission through faculty and staff development, state-of-the-art classrooms, and creative endeavors Communicate achievements and difficulties of the institution in a clear, effective and straightforward manner to the DAU community.
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Dar Al Uloom University P. O. Box 3535, Riyadh 13314 - 7222, KSA
Phone: 966-11-4949000
Fax: 966-11-4949490
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