Technical Trainers College

The Technical Trainers College in Riyadh (TTC) offers a three year Bachelor Degree in technical disciplines such as Mechanical Technology, Electronics and Electrical Technology and Information Technology. The program offers a new approach to the training of vocational educators combining training in the vocational discipline with vocational pedagogy. Additionally, trainees acquire their first practical experience through internships and training in Applied Vocational Pedagogy. English is the main language of instruction during the whole Bachelor program and students receive intensive instruction in technical English to complement their education. The three-year program combines the latest vocational pedagogy training with a thorough formation in a chosen technical specialization. Our program has a 60:40 split between theoretical and practical training. During the theoretical training, half of the time is used for pedagogy-related courses, while the other half is reserved for technical training. TTC cooperates with a number of leading international vocational training institutes, especially in Germany, to ensure high standards of quality in vocational training, Successful graduates will receive a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BET). Since May 2012 Technical Trainers College (TTC) has been accredited according to European standards by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA), Hannover, Germany.
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Technical Trainers College P.O. Box 2159 11451 Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: 966-11-2087508
Fax: 966-11-4924868
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