beach Industrial Group

Founded Abdul Rahman Al Salloum in 1399 e 1978 Commercial Registration No. 1,116,000,414 headquarters city of Dawadmi Corporation completed a wide range of urban and industrial projects. in 1418, 1997 Decides to establish an integrated factory for mineral products and ironworks in Dwadmi industrial zone on an area of ​​two thousand five hundred square meters (2,500 m) and under one roof. 1 \ 3 production security doors of the palaces and residences, schools, hospitals and projects Government. 2 \ 3 production ornate French-style doors 3 \ 3 producing iron balustrades and stainless steel 4 \ 3 production ornate windows and windows protection 5 \ 3 production barriers and walls decorated 6 \ 3 production of decorative high-end boutiques of ironworks 7 \ 3 maquettes aesthetic production Stainless Steel Iron Copper 8 \ 3 production molds rail, and road contractors, and contractors extensions Sanitation, and Mcola extensions telecommunications and electricity 9 \ 3 the use of modern insulation devices pump liquid Alpolurethein inside the products 10 \ 3 dipping and coating metals gold, copper red, yellow, chrome 4 - Department of heating 1 \ 4 production Mchaabat beach health 2 \ 4 there is a special full information on this product 5 - Department of paint Painting 1 \ 5 powder paint ovens and electro static thermal 2 \ 5 provide all kinds of paints 3 \ 5 provide all the necessary number of work Works in a beach more than fifty engineers, technicians and workers and administrative.
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PO Box: 58, Postal Code: 11911
Phone: 966-11-6422275
Fax: 966-11-6420819
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