Al Bayan Factory Co

Al Bayan Factory Co., started its operation in 1991 specializing in wrought iron works, producing decorative steel doors, handrails and other steel related works. Today, Al Bayan Factory Co. has become one of the well known company in the field of steel, stainless steel, wood, aluminium handrail system and artificial marble (Corian) not just in Saudi Arabia, but in the neighboring Gulf countries as well. With its skilled and professional workforce and determination to upgrade and enhance our performance, we were able to maintain excellent quality products. At the same time, every employee ensure that each project undertaken meet the customer's requirements. Al Bayan Factory Co. had worked with lots of prestigious projects around the Kingdom and had dealt with top calibre Contractors and Consultants. Our qualified staff and engineers are ready to provide excellent service at all times.
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Phone: 966-11-2658885
Fax: 966-11-4460948
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