Arabian Aluminium Extrusion & Powder Coating Co.

Established in 1995 under the name of Batra Aluminium Extrusion & Powder Coating, ours is one of the pioneering companies in the Kingdom specialized in Extrusion, Powder Coating, and Anodizing through two high capacity extrusion lines, three futuristic powder coating lines, and an anodizing plant. The company has succeeded in recognizing and in acquiring a strong base providing the local market with whatever requirement encompassing all fields; be it constructional, architectural, or industrial as well as sections used for furniture, interior design, or decoration and have effectively harnessed the inflow of imported sections. Arabian Aluminum did not rested there but uncompromisingly sought the outside markets.
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Jeddah - Industrial City- Fourth Phase
Phone: 966-12-6380648
Fax: 966-12-6380812
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Person In Charge
Phone: 966-12-6380648
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