Southern Province Cement Company

Southern Province Cement Company was established by royal decree number M/3 dated 22/01/1978 as share holding company with capital of SR 700 million divided into 7 million shares, the value of each share was SR 100, the total share holders were 13,000. In the year 1997 Board of Directors decided to increase the capital of the company with a percentage of 50% to be SR 1,050 million by allotting half of the share value to the share holders on free bases in order to capitalize Bisha Plant, which was built by self financing, then the capital was increased again to be a paid capital of SR 1,400 million with total of 140,000,000 shares with a value of SR 10 per share. Southern Province Cement Company started with Jazan Cement Plant on 30/10/1981 with designed production capacity of 5,000 tons of clinker/day, and due to the continuous developing it reached 7,550 tons/day. In 1992, Board of Directors observed the high demand on cement market and decided to expand the cement production by building a new plant on the mountains area to avoid the hilly roads and difficulties of supplying those areas with cement. Geological searching for the reserved limestone area started and good economical quantity was found in Al-Mahawi in Bisha area, and a contract was signed with HALA Company from Korea, a joint venture with Fuler Company from USA, to build the plant with designed capacity of 1,2 million ton/Year. The production in Bisha Plant started on 01 April 1997, Southern Province Cement Company management took decision to go for the 3rd Cement Plant(Tahamah Plant), after search for limestone and study of the areas decision was taken to start the 3rd cement plant at Al-Aradiah Al-Janoubiah in Makah region with designed capacity of 5,000 ton/day, which went up to 6,000 ton/day due to some developments. Due to the continuous high demand on cement, SPCC signed a contract on 30/12/2009 with Sinoma Company, which built the first production line, to build the second line. After the completion the second line, which is expected to be early 2012, the total production of Tahamah Plant will be 12,000 ton/day.
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