Delalat international Metal Industries

Delalat international Metal Industries in Jeddah we have a range of activities including mineral industries Iron fittings in hangars and businessman Alterpzan and stairs Tuareg and also tracks the production lines Of elbows and branches and Anagasat all thicknesses and sizes crisis in the mobilization of cement and fodder factories The tanks also medium and smallsized Company active in the field and Alaketromekc Fabrication and installation of duct lines by Asamknh Tables Installation of firefighting lines Installation of water cooling systems
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Contact Information
Phone: 966-12-6516269
Fax: 966-12-5321677
Mobile: 966-560678296
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Ahmed Abdel Salam Emara
Mechanical Engineer
Mobile: 966-560678296
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