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Mohammed Hassan Farsi established Farsi Jewelry in 1907, during the Ottoman Empire era in Al-Hijaz region. He started his jewelry business in a small boutique in front of Al-Haram Holy Mosque in Makkah. Jewelry business was not common at that time in Al-Hijaz, so Farsi –a pioneer in the field- was elected as the Dean of Jewelers of Makkah at the time of Al-Sharif Hussein (the king of Al-Hijaz). When King Abdulaziz took over Al-Hijaz, he saved Farsi’s position with a royal order since Makkah was the financial and commercial capital at that time.Between World Wars I and II, Farsi did a lot of search and traveling to the east and gained the trust of jewelers in India, Persia, Jawa and Burma. Through them, he introduced diamonds and precious stones to his raw market. Years later, Farsi’s son -Mohamed Ali- inherited the business and was elected as the “Dean of Jewelers of Makkah”. Mohammed Ali decided to travel west, and in March 1951, he established the 1st diamond trade with the west through J. Claes & Zoon in Belgium (which later became IGC Group). Farsi Jewelry still deals with the same company today.A generation later, Jamil -the grandson- expanded the business to Jeddah, and has been elected “Dean of Jewelers of Jeddah” in 1981. Farsi Jewelry does not carry international jewelry brands, but instead proudly crafts its own quality-controlled pieces. Those unique pieces are showcased at the five branches of Farsi Jewelry and a few handpicked reputable local jewelry stores. Since the early establishment over a hundred years ago, Farsi jewelry was very keen to keep jewelry their only business, and that gave them the time to meticulously choose the highest quality of diamonds and precious stones, the time to artistically sketch their designs, and enough time to stay updated and aware of the international market trends. Each Farsi Jewelry piece receives special attention from being a sketch on a paper till it’s an attractive lustrous piece ready to be worn!
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Makkah Trade Center In front of King Abdul Aziz Gate, Second Floor No. 18-19
Phone: 966-12-5360984
Fax: 966-12-5366498
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