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Founded TAIBAH for jewelry, Saudi Arabia, on 1 April 1989, and the company is present in several Arab countries, and manufactures yellow gold and white gunshot global, designs and manufactures high profile international tastes. And since its inception has been the company's vision to play an active role in the jewelry market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in order to achieve the company so the company decided to deal with the needs of consumers and to always offer them the latest and best designs and superb quality Aalbh and that takes consideration since seen each this affordable. And for the company to implement it opened a plant so that it can meet the demands of the market and the needs of its customers, and has included factory latest machinery and tools in the gold industry and the work of a group of professionals experienced and qualified trainers in the art of designing gold, and who have arrived so far 800 participant in the industry, this wonderful and creative art that satisfies all tastes. And has produced a good company for jewelry in Saudi Arabia, the largest gold ring is a ring and a good star of the caliber of 21 and who entered the Guinness Book of Records as the first golden ring of this size. And in a short period the company achieved a prominent place in the market and became its market share, and has satisfying customers and building a good relationship with them, and has also the company developed ambitious plans for growth and spread in the market, and today covers the company's branches all cities and major places in Saudi Saudi Arabia, and is expanding its scope in the Arabian Gulf region and the Arab neighboring areas. It is reported that the company has got a leadership award in the service and quality for several times leader in service and quality award.
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Taiba for Gold and Jewelry King Fahad Street Neighborhood Kandarh 20705 Saudi Arabia P. O. Box: 20705, Jeddah 21465.
Phone: 966-12-6450000
Fax: 966-12-6429444
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