Paper is a mirror that reflects our thoughts to be later translated into fruitful achievements. Obeikan Paper Industries became a reality with the construction of a 156 thousand square meter factory with a production capacity of almost 180 thousand tons yearly and is now one of the pioneering companies in the field of duplex board manufacturing. In light of the constantly increasing demand for our high quality products, the factory’s production capacity is due to be increased to 250 thousand tons per year by 2013. Obeikan Paper Industries is proud of employing high quality experienced technicians and engineers trained in production continuity who ensure quality standards and are fulfilled according to local and international market requirements. Facts and Figures : • Established in 2006 • Largest paper board mill in Middle East and Africa • Area of 156000 square meter • Total employees :330 • Total capacity : 180,000 Ton/year of duplex board, projected to be 260000 in 2013. • Basis weights from 180gsm to 450gsm • Export to more than 35 countries • Integrated facilities with in house waste water treatment plant.
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Contact Information
P.O. Box 355023 Riyadh 11383 New Industrial City Zone 3 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: 966-11-2839400
Fax: 966-11-2653668
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Mobile: 966-505953149
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