1981 with a paid capital of SR 15 Million and a production capacity of 15000 MT of cartons and 15000 bundles of egg trays .Since then, neither financial investment nor technical development hasn’t ceased and a capacity of 150,000 MT of cartons and 960,000 bundles of egg trays per annum is achieved. Since its inauguration WAPER has grown with each major challenge to meet the growing sophistication of the industrial development in Saudi Arabia. This is most evident in the latest and most modern technologies employed in WAPER. Moreover, WAPER built on a sound, solid foundation, remains firm in its resolve, to be constantly at the forefront of the industry, and the technical innovations therein. WAPER hires high qualified and specialized employees to take the company well beyond the foreseeable future. WAPER is a strategic unit owned by Al-Watania for Industries. WAPER, as it stands now, is a premier factory specialized in producing corrugated carton products and egg trays in the GCC Region and Middle East. WAPER incepted operations in 1401H, 1981through its Riyadh Carton Factory with production capacity of 15,000 MT of corrugated carton and 15,000 bundles of egg trays. The production capacity escalated rapidly until it hits now 150,000 MT of corrugated carton and 960,000 bundles of egg trays. WAPER has two integral plants producing corrugated cartons in Riyadh and Jeddah plus the Egg Trays Plant in Riyadh. Building on our continuing aspirations to produce high quality products in terms of strength and printing techniques, our production lines are continuously overseen by our quality assurance staff to ensure supplying products to our customers according to their required specifications, which enables WAPER to be one of the leading companies to be certified under ISO 9001:2000. WAPER enjoys an integrated organizational structure, which includes: the Marketing and Sales Department with highly qualified teams, the Production Department which enjoys all success factors including high technical experiences packed with the best industry technologies, the Quality and Product Development Department which exerts all possible efforts to improve and upgrade the products permanently either through the final products or by providing the best raw materials in cooperation with the Materials Departments who manages to have strong collaboration with the best suppliers worldwide. It also coordinates with all clients to expedite delivery of their purchased products. WAPER is keen also on expanding its presence through establishment of new plants or entering into partnerships with new qualified partners through the Planning and Business Development Department. In the mean time, we look at the interrelationships among the company members or between them and the external clients as strategic partnerships, and we term any success realized by any party as success to all parties. Our Vision :: To be the leader in packaging industry, and the pioneer toward achieving customer satisfaction. Our Mission :: •To stay ahead of the competition by innovating new products and services based on our customers needs and market demand. •To provide continued customer satisfaction by maintaining value driven and positive work attitude employees and fostering a climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and rewards accordingly. •To operate in accordance with the highest standard in all relationship with customers, suppliers, environment, community, and international codes and standard.
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P.O Box: 5087, Riyadh: 11422. Riyadh 2nd Industrial City, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 966-11-2651587
Fax: 966-11-2650625
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