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(Hamad Advertising) offers integrated solutions in advertising, in addition to adding our touches of creativity and distinction in serving all segments of society (individuals and companies), in addition to serving new projects and existing projects starting from identity design to all other services in the field of advertising, and one of our most important services : 1- Graphic design. 2- Designing the advertising video. 3- Paper, thermal and plastic publications. 4- Promotion gifts. 5- Printing the (Banner + Flex + Sticker) 6- Cladding installation and embossed letters. 7- Printing and implementing cardboard and paper cups + paper, plastic and cloth bags. 8- Roll stand + guide panels. 9- Printing, implementing and installing car stickers and store fronts. 10- Heat presses. 11- Wooden and crystal shields. 12- Regular + automatic seals. 13- E-Marketing. 14- Managing social media pages. And based on our role in providing the best services to our clients, we offer you advice and the idea through our experienced staff and specialists in providing the best, which is fully proportional to present the final idea to the client.
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Khobar - Riyadh ST
Phone: 966-13-8933444
Mobile: 966-508587409
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General Manger
Phone: 966-13-8933444
Mobile: 966-508587409
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