Basic Electronics Co. Ltd. is a Limited Liability Company owned by Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Al Arfaj who has generally involved in the trade of Electronics in particular since 1961. He is the chairman to the Board of Directors as he owns 75% of the company capital, assisted by his son Mr. Qasim Al Arfaj as General Manager who owns 25% of the capital. Hence, the company is 100% a Saudi company. Eng. Hamed Al Arfaj is the Managing Director of Air conditioning and Scientific Dept. Mr. Yassir Al Arfaj is the Managing Director of Data & Information Technology Dept. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Arfaj is the Executive Manager. Mr. Ibrahim Ahmad Al Arfaj is the Central Region Manager. They are being assisted by a selective well-qualified team of administrators such as Mr. Mahmoud Fadel, Mr. Abdullah Darwish and others. The company activity is mainly including in the trade in electronic and electrical appliances, Biomedical Equipment’s, Electronic Security Systems, Watches & parts, Tapes, Batteries, and others procured from globalreputed suppliers on exclusive agency representation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Contact Information
Custodian of the two Holy Mosques Road Cross Prince Bandar Street (Suwaiket) P.O.Box 1402, Al Khobar 31952
Phone: 966-13-8642222
Fax: 966-13-8644516
Company Email:
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Additional contact info:

End of Batha Street
Sanyo Building
P.O.Box: 2891
Riyadh 11461

Tel: +966 11 411 1195
Tel: +966 11 287 2674
Fax: +966 11 411 0334
Person In Charge
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