Bags inspection and bags inspection

Personnel, bags, and security systems to communicate 0544217662 Inspection devices, inspection gate, and security systems for communication 0544217662 We have Chinese and American bag inspection equipment and metal detection gates with a two-year warranty and maintenance for free during the two years Bag detector Detector bags X-ray Baggage Detector | Bag detector Detection of bags Check bags Detector of explosives, bombs and weapons X-Ray | xray | X-ray Bag Detector | Bag detector Bag detector, X-ray bag detector X-ray machine to check the bags Bag Scanner X ray machine Weapons detection device Auto clear | HST-X-ray | Astrophysics | ZKteco
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Khaled Bin Al-Waleed street
Phone: 966-54-4217662
Fax: 966-54-4217662
Mobile: 966-544217662
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Person In Charge
ahmed shams
Phone: 966-54-4217662
Mobile: 966-544217662
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