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Al Khobar
It might be out of the ordinary, but “nice” is who we are - a new concept of Al Fozan Group! We believe that brand name is not just a name for distinguishing the brand, rather the crux of the entire business reflecting its ultimate aim. So we chose the name “nice” as we aim at providing you a satisfying and inspiring one-stop destination for a nice shopping of homeware products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it also impeccably reflects what we believe is the ultimate approach to a happy life - a “nice” home. nice is unlike any other homeware products store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! We aim at providing you – the females - a one-stop destination where you can learn more about what you buy, discover new ideas of home decoration, find various female-oriented engagement services, and above all a perfect place to socialize or hang out with your family and friends at any time of the day! Our products assortment is vast and includes everything you will need for your home – from Bedroom to Kitchen - after it is furnished. nice products are selected by a team of experienced buyers with multi-cultural background that adds to the uniqueness of our products assortment. We pick best of the best from all over the world to provide you the best! Hence, nice products assortment is sure to accommodate all tastes and budgets. In addition to products diversification, nice also provides variety of female-oriented engagement services to best complement your shopping experience. We made sure to accommodate you in all manners with a cozy café to hang out with your family and friends, a nails salon for stylish appearance of nails at all occasions, an academy to add value to your daily life, a gifting service to help you make a lasting impression, a monogram service to add personal touch on linens for creating lifetime memory, a wedding gift registry service like none other, and a VIP rewards program to let you make the most out of your shopping at our store. nice services will surely lend you a pleasant, quality and educational experience in a friendly and hygienic environment. So that’s us – a new and pioneering face in the homeware industry of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! We are committed to consistently providing you a satisfying and inspiring shopping experience and empowering you to make the best choices for your home. Our variety of female-oriented engagement services is all you need for a refreshing change in your daily routine. With local males and females as part of our team, we understand your needs better and make them the forefront of our every decision to best cater to your taste. So we welcome you to come and experience it all yourself at the nearest nice store!
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