Presidency Of Meteorology And Environment

Saudi Arabia has made a quantum leap in the field of meteorology and environmental protection and conservation of resources is not surprising that were the subject of the environment and protection within the statute of the rule adopted in accordance with Article 32 of the Statute, which provides for the State's obligation to preserve and protect the environment - which is a culmination of great importance When he took the government to serve the environmental work and preserve our natural resources. It was to support only a limited of good government to hand responsible for the environment in the Kingdom (Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME)) is clear and tangible impact in recognition of the importance of the environment and conservation, under development and attention to domestic and international environmental elements and their effects on the ambitious development plans and interactions between development and conservation of the environment and the pollution and degradation as a result of the growth and expansion of rapid economic, Saudi Arabia has the establishment of the Directorate General of Meteorology 1370 e - 1950, to be subsequently restructured in 1981 AD - 1401 to become the Department of Meteorology and Environmental Protection and entrusted with the role of the agency responsible for the environment in the UK at the national level as well as its role in the field of meteorology. With the acceleration remarkable environmental action and meteorological locally and globally, and the desire of the kingdom to give the larger dimension was made in 1422, 2001 conversion named the Department of Meteorology and Environmental Protection to the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) to coincide with the appointment of His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz, president of years of Meteorology and environment to witness the environmental work and meteorological transferred premium quality and continuous presence and future plans is serious and this is reflected clearly in the issuance of public order of the environment in the Kingdom and its implementing regulations serious step towards environmental work going according to standards and systems are clear. Perhaps one of the most important tasks carried out by the presidency is working to make the best use of the natural resources of the Kingdom and the rational use of the terms of the provision of the actual requirements for the protection of the present generation and subsequent damaging environmental pollution through ways to develop environmental management and to achieve balanced development and to identify the basic elements of natural resources and the environment in all areas Kingdom according to their characteristics and the renewal of the means and procedures that ensure preservation of these properties and to prevent degradation and improve as much as possible within the framework of effective coordination with the relevant authorities in all environmental issues for the development of strategies and plans and work on issuing regulations and legislation to ensure the conservation of natural resources and protection from degradation Bladafah to monitor and study, analyze and evaluate environmental impacts of all activities affecting the environment and propose solutions to the achievement of sound uses and determine the guidelines for the process of protection and control, cleaning and rehabilitation studies for those affected citizen pollution and document that information is easy reference, taking into account the preparation of integrated systems to evaluate the effects of the environment for all development projects to pursue and implement procedures environmental assessment and monitoring of environmental and climatic variables through environmental inspection and in accordance with the general system of environment, which is one of the achievements of the Rising in Saudi environmental Action issued a royal decree cream. As the presidential role for the actress Memklh follow up developments in the field of environmental protection activities, and forecasters at the regional and international levels. And the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection prominent role in spreading environmental awareness among all members of Saudi society, and reverse a national perspective to deal with the environment and issues a global perspective in the foundation of the teachings of the Islamic religion and the fact that human Mstkhalaf in this land of architecture and take advantage of them and not harm them and Bmqomadtha, and show the concerns of the Government of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia to preserve the environment and its components represented in the activities of the presidency and participation in local and international exhibitions and conferences with a view to highlighting the characteristics of the environment, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic civilization. Presidential Message :: Protect the environment from pollution of all that surrounds the human beings of water, air, land and outdoor space and the content of these circles of inanimate and plant and animal and various forms of energy systems and natural processes and human activities, maintain and prevent degradation and reduce it. And monitoring of weather phenomena to the safety of lives and protect property.
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