Obeikan Technical Yarn Co. Ltd.

Obeikan Technical Yarn Obeikan Technical Yarn Co. Ltd. is the new milestone achievement for Obeikan Investment Group, this new plant equipped with state of the art latest German technology of M/S Barmag Oerlikon producing top quality technical yarns, M/S Allma Saurer producing best quality twisted yarns. The initial production capacity is 10,000 M.T Technical Yarn, OTY supply the high tenacity super low shrinkage yarn to OTF and also exports the variety of technical yarns and gray fabrics worldwide. Facts and Figures : • Established in 2009 • SSP (Solid State Postcondensation) starting from regular bright PES-chips • Capacity of 4,800 tons per year • Number of Employees 60 • Export product to at least 10 countries • Products family: Super Low Shrinkage High Tenacity Yarns 1100 dtex. - PVC Super Low Shrinkage High Tenacity Yarns 1670 dtex. - PTFE & Super Low Shrinkage High Tenacity Yarns 2200 dtex. - Super Low Shrinkage High Tenacity Yarns 3300 dtex. The achievements of Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) knows no bound and one of these achievements is Obeikan Technical Yarns, where a fully integrated factory has been built and equipped with the latest German technology. M/S Barmag Oerlikon and M/S AllmaSaurer machines enable us to produce the finest technical Yarns. Our M/S Liba machine, intended for the production of non-woven fabrics is used in manufacturing laminated fabrics. OTY has enjoyed the same success as other Obeikan enterprises with production capacity reaching 10 thousand tons of technical fabrics per annum. This enables the factory to provide Obeikan Technical Fabrics, as well as local and international markets with non-woven fabrics and high-tensile and minimum-shrinking yarns.
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P.O. Box 355023 Riyadh 11383 New Industrial City Zone 3 Unified No.: 920002341
Phone: 966-11-2839400
Fax: 966-11-2653668
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