Mohammed Abdul Samad Noah commercial: make many electrical appliances and features patented the furnace electrode which is a electric furnace clay for all uses, especially for Mandi and Alhaniv and Almilla and bread also worked Altmis and live enlightenment and Alvermozh and all kinds of rice, meat and vegetables and non-Malk, the lowest cost and the highest level of health and hygiene has been designed so that Whitlam with extensions modern kitchen and features the use of pottery, which lends to eating great tasting him, the electricity consumption is less than 40 Halalas to cook a complete offering, ease of use and movement (in a hurry) and the most important advantage is that eating cooked it is not saturated carbon, as in others where there is no burning of fat or smoke, not the hottest whereby the outer even if used for several hours, easy maintenance and cleaning, and preservation of the environment against the use of firewood and razing forests and glance for kitchens public what they blackness and soot pollution and eating saturated carbon realize the importance of this product The project is not only ovens enlightenment rather Electronics & eBooks In summary we are working on to be our company no less in a leadership position for international companies such as LG, Samsung and Kalvanicor and PANA Sonic and the other difference is that they are in the hands of a Saudi and added them innovations ÓÚćĎíĺ collaboration with international companies to transfer technology and knowledge of manufacturing to our kingdom beloved.
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k.s.a jeddah. hera st. dania treading center shop no.42
Phone: 966-12-6543260
Fax: 966-12-6559381
Mobile: 966-505643913
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