MHR International

MHR International Co. is a professionally organized trading company established in 1985 and located its headquarter in Riyadh ,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our company Managing Director , Dr. Samir Muhammed Taha since his advent, it has been flourishing as prominent supplier of Agricultural ,Horticultural ,Forestry equipments and Construction tools in KSA .In the recent past years ,company has become one of biggest leading distributors of Landscaping and gardening, irrigation ,power tools agricultural machineries of international brands like Bellota ,Hustler ,Signature ,La Parajita ,Berger ,Kedas ,Sparky, Saint Gobain. We offer wide range of genetically modified seeds ,Fertilizers each of which provides farmers around kingdom with the solutions that best fit their farms. Our tools are very popular amongst the renowned horticulturists in all the states in the country as well as in the middle east and provide After sale service to our esteemed customers. Over the years , the company has gained reputation as market leader in supplying of agricultural implements ,industrial tools and company has been involving heavily in the territory of Saudi Arabia accordingly , a great success was achieved which could be seen continuing and progressive more and more… With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the Kingdom and unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals and avid gardeners alike. In all segments of agricultural machineries ,we have achieved clients heart by providing best of best equipment.
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Contact Information
Phone: 966-11-2791435
Mobile: 966-555650530
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
mohamed al haj
Sales manager
Phone: 966-11-2791435
Mobile: 966-555650530
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