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Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia
Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia was formed as a joint venture in 1995 between Fuchs Petrolub AG, Germany and the Alhamrani Group of Companies. Fuchs is a leading brand name in the lubricants market, with operations in over 120 countries and world leading Independent Lubricats Manufacturers and Marketers. Alhamrani have also been in the lubricants business since 1979, and became a major player after the construction of their state of the art, ISO 9002 certified, lube blending plant in the port city of Yanbu in 1988. The plant is also unique in being the only environment-friendly blending plant in the Middle East and Africa, certified by ISO-14001. Alhamrani-Fuchs complex in Yanbu is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, with a capacity of over 95,000 metric tonnes. This meets 30% of the domestic requirements of Saudi Arabia. Alhamrani-Fuchs offers more then 200 products, for hundreds of different applications, such as lubricants for vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural equipment. more...
United Lube Oil Company Ltd.
United Lube Oil Company Ltd. United Lube Oil Company Ltd. A private joint venture established under the "Economic Offset Program". This joint venture established an used oil processing refinery based in Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Unilube refinery utilizes state of the art technology to process 100,000 MTPA of raw feedstock material. The company, in line with the country's concern for the protection of natural resources, sends a strong message of its commitment in pursuing a better and safer environment. Earlier, the Used lubricating oil has been either illegally disposed or burnt as a fuel emanating lot of obnoxious gases to the environment. Unilube is working on the principle of ‘Conservation of natural resources’ by adding value to the used oil; it recovers and re-refines it for the production of high quality base oil products for export and local consumption In persuasion to expand and maintain its processing ability, which calls for additional feedstock storage capacity, UNILUBE established feedstock collection and pre-treatment plants in Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah, to tap the huge used oil reserves in these major cities and around. Unilube's products are processed to meet specifications set forth by independent internationally recognized institutions to ensure quality. The outcome of Unilube's compliance with these standards is a processed Base Oil product with the same characteristics of Virgin Base Oil. Unilube is an EMS 140001 as well as ISO 9001 certified wherein the primary concern is "Quality Management" system. Fulfill customer's quality requirements, and applicable regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction. UNILUBE's QUALITY PRODUCTS includes; four grades of Base Oils, Solvents, Cutter Stock and Asphalt Modifier. We ensure quality products, competitive price, and on-time delivery more...
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