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shabyat beladi
shabyat beladi Sale dates and popular household products. more...
al-Sukaria Company Dates
al-Sukaria Company Dates Established in 1410, a towering Knkhalh origin in Qassim and its subsidiaries oasis Qassim Dates Dates hoarded luxury and soon all over the Kingdom, God willing. al-Sukaria taste of dates: Strive and work hard to provide the needs of the customers of the finest dates and the provision of facilities and services characteristic of Neil satisfaction and our commitment to the request for proposals and observations of them to get to their utmost satisfaction. Though the client is not only a testament to the success, but also a participant. al-Sukaria: (Our motto - our goals - our vision - our mission) This is what we call Mrbana for success. Our motto: Samaha (The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him God bless the man who allowed if sold and bought, and if if necessary) Bukhari Goals: Providing the finest types of dates and selected very carefully to our customers as well as take care of the all the requirements of safety and hygiene of dates in all the processes undergone by starting from Palm and even up to the hands of the client. Vision: That live up in the field of manufacturing and providing the sale, distribution and supply of dates and derivatives internally and globally. Our mission: Provide all kinds of dates, diversity, and taking into account the quality and innovation in the presentation, packaging and prices that suit all customer segments. more...
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