Ministry Of Interior
Ministry Of Interior Ministry Of Interior : The founder of the Kingdom, late King Abdulaziz has established peace, stability and security nationwide in accordance with Islamic Sharia laws. He has put an end to political unrest, tribal conflicts and statelessness caused by absence of a powerful central government. His sons followed suit have developed the country further, adding to its stability and security. They paved the way for tremendous cultural and technological achievements in all fields all over the Kingdom. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) bears the responsibility to serve citizens and residents, achieving security, stability, and tranquility. The history and formation of the MOI and its various sections passed through phases of administrative development and organization. Following is a historical development of the MOI. more...
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Commerce and Industry In Dhu al-Hijjah, 1344h (1926), King Abdulaziz, May Allah bless his soul and forgive him, issued what is known as the Sunni Will, wherein the ottoman law provisions, consistent with Allah's jurisprudence, are still in effect so far. After issuing this Will, a number of rules have gradually appeared, as there was not any governmental body interested in regulating commerce in the country. The mentioned instructions have provided that commerce comes under the internal issues in the Kingdom. And after three months of the issuance of the Will, his Highness King Abdulaziz issued an order to set up a commercial body to settle disputes among traders; it came out under the name" Council of the Traders". In 1347h, company registration system appeared, by its virtue a position was initiated associated with the prosecutor-general; its title is Company Registrar. Thus, the system has obliged registering all the commercial companies and associations at the company registrar. As such, the company registration system was first stepping stone in terms of regulating the commercial issues in the country. In 1349h, the customs system was issued, then in 1350h the Royal Decree No. 32; on 2/6.1931, was issued approving of the commercial system in the Kingdom, called the Commercial Court System. In 1358h, the Royal Order No. 8762, on 18/4/1939, was issued approving of Benchmark Registration system, and then the Royal Order No. 8117, on 27/6/1941, was issued approving of Goldsmith's system. Foundation of Ministry of Commerce and Industry::: As a result of the expansion of the commercial works and activities and their growth, the Royal Order No. 5703/5//22/10, on 17/3/ 1954, was issued establishing the Ministry of Commerce. It was tasked with regulating the internal and external commerce and developing it. Also, having been established, a number of bodies interested in commercial issues joined it. And the Benchmark Registration section was moved to it from the Ministry of Finance; in addition to supervising the commercial, industrial chambers in the Kingdom. more...
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