Jazan Development Co. - Saudi joint stock company - was established under the resolution of the Minister of Trade No: 223 dated 02/07/1414 AH corresponding 26/07/1993 G. It was registered according to Commercial Registration No. 5900005403 dated 19.02.1414 H city of Jazan, its current capital is 500.000.000 (five hundred million Saudi riyals) divided to fifty million shares, nominal value per share is ten riyals. The company's activities: The company's activities invest in fisheries, agricultural, industrial, and real estate areas, where the company's activity until 2005 was limited to investment in the agricultural field only, at the end of 2005 new purposes were added to its activity allows the opportunities to invest in real estate, industrial and commercial field. the policy and strategy of the board of directors, which was elected by the Ordinary General Assembly in 24/04/2010 G focuses on the investment in real estate activity through the exploitation of available opportunities in this area particularly in Jazan region and generally in the rest areas of the Kingdom. The primary activity of the company: - Ownership and reclamation of agricultural land for the purpose of exploitation in the establishment of agricultural projects and to engage in wells drilling. - The establishment of agricultural projects in both agriculture and livestock production. - Rearing and fattening of sheep , and calves, the production of chicken for meat and eggs, the establishment of fish farms and to engage in fishing. - Establishment of nurseries, the production of seedlings of fruit, forest, and ornamental trees, medicinal and aromatic plants. - Manufacture of agricultural , animal, plants and fish products and their derivatives. - Access to commercial agencies , the wholesale, and retail trade in materials, machinery and agricultural inputs - Working in agricultural marketing for agricultural , animal, plants and fish products and their derivatives. - Purchase of land to construct buildings and the investment of these buildings through selling or renting them for the benefit of the company. - Maintenance and development of the real estate. - The establishment, management , maintenance, and operation of industrial projects. - Wholesale and retail trade in food, industrial tools, building materials, electrical appliances and tools, electronic and mechanical apparatus. - The company currently has a branch in the name of Jazan company for Real Estate Development and General Contracting, which was established under the record number 5900011471 dated 9/8/1428 AH, the activity of the branch according to the record is concentrating in Real Estate services, buying and selling, developing and investing of land and real estate, general contracting, "construction , repair, demolition and restoration of" public buildings , residential buildings, commercial buildings, educational facilities, health facilities , buildings, airports, ports, and works of roads and pavement, lighting works, extensions of telephone, water and sanitation, infrastructure, maintenance , cleanliness, gardening, and planting gardens and parks. - the company also has an industrial license number 2852 /X , dated 30/11/1428 in the name of factory of Jazan Development Co. for the production of drinking water packed in various containers (capacity 25 .0 - 19 liters). Because of the huge level of development witnessed by the Jazan region which requires development in real estate, JAZADCO has decided to build residences on an area of 94.0000 square meters comprising 400 housing units at a cost SR 100 million, financed from own resources of the company. The length of time to implement the project ends in April 2012, the implementation will be through three stages in order to achieve the quality control and benefit from the early stages of leasing the implemented phases. what distinguishes this complex that the total building area is about 30% of the total area allocated for the project, and the rest of the area is for the roads , landscaping, facilities, and services.
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Main Office : JAZADCO Jazan Development Company P.O.BOX : 127 Jazan K.S.A Toll free : 8001249988
Phone: 966-17-3222162
Fax: 966-17-3222357
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Person In Charge
Phone: 966-17-3222162
Mobile: 966-542011117
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