Ministry of Civil Service

The interest in the affairs of the civil service in Saudi Arabia is not a newcomer, as laying the foundations for management of the King Abdul Aziz - may God have mercy on him - with the beginnings of incorporation and the issuance of basic instructions of the State in 1345 AH (1927 AD), where those foundations included the general rules for the organization of state employees affairs to suit the administrative status that was prevalent at the time. This was followed by phases and multiple steps, each suit phase experienced by the civil service, in the year 1347 AH (1929 AD) created for the first time a central unit to save and follow-up of state employees Affairs, also distributed public service positions at three levels, and the latest on the effect of this function (Registrar ) Diwan of the public prosecutor to take over keeping records of state employees, and this stage is considered the starting point for specialized stage means the affairs of the government employees (staff), and that the existence of the first central function concerned with their affairs and registration of documents related to them. Activating the central role of public employment records has continued, through the issuance of government employees system in 1350, which is the first physical system in the field of Civil Service Affairs of Saudi Arabia, has included the principles of the new rules did not respond with the previous instructions. In 1358 AH (1939 AD) came into being centralized management of the affairs of the staff within the formations and the Ministry of Finance called the name of (the Office of the government employees and returns prescribed), followed by a qualitative development in the personnel area where released in 1364 AH (1945 AD), the first private system of government employees named (General Personnel system) is also the name of "Office of the government employees and returns prescribed" to "Bureau staff and retirement." In the year 1373 AH (1953 AD) administrative status saw UK major shift dictated by the public service requirements in the telecom period, where he established the Council of Ministers, which came in one of the provisions of the rules (that the General Personnel responsible for monitoring the implementation of the regulations and instructions relating to personnel as a competent authority). As the owner of that in the same year the issuance of personnel system and causing the General Personnel Council, headed by the Council of Ministers rather than the Ministry of Finance. To activate the role of the Court is best passed the Council of Ministers in 1383 AH (1963 AD) a decision to develop the SAI and identify general areas of competence and raise the ranking boss to the rank of minister and relates directly to the Prime Minister was followed by the release of Sami ordered in 1385 AH (1965 AD) converts Court responsible for overseeing the public institutions and Review functional affairs. And continue the developmental stages of the Court of staff to be issued Royal Decree No. (3221) on 06/12/1389 AH approve the Higher Committee for Administrative Reform Resolution No. (16) on 20/01/1389 AH the new organizational structure of the Office of device oversee the affairs of civil servants all government agencies. Guides movement did not stand in the civil service at this point there has been a significant evolutionary leap in this area in 1397 AH (1977 AD) the issuance of the Royal Decree No. (M / 48) dated 10/07/1397 AH judge making a "Civil Service Council" and the approval of the regime and thus became the civil service independent legislative body headed by the Prime Minister means drawing policy of the civil service and the development of plans and programs necessary to implement it, and the issuance of the regulations relating to the affairs of civil servants, was accompanied by modifying the Court of staff name to (General civil Service Bureau) as issued by his side another royal decree number (49 m) requires the approval of the new system carries the name (civil service system). This was followed by the release of the Council of Ministers' decision in 1398 AH (1978 AD) requires the application of the civil service system rules on most public institutions staff. Issued Royal Decree No. Karim (a / 28) at 01/03/1420 e establishment of the Ministry of Civil Service to replace (General Civil Service Bureau).
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