Ministry of Social Affairs

Agency social and family care work for programs and projects that contribute to helping to lift the economic and social level of the citizens and taking their hands toward helping themselves through the implementation of many of the activities that come in the forefront of social welfare and family services mode. In the field of social welfare agency, the body entrusted with the provision of social welfare for citizens who surround them social problems are unable to confront and overcome by adopting the abilities and potential of self. The Agency seeks to contribute to the protection of society from the distractions and problems of social and negative phenomena that hinder his career and hinder progress, and is working to transform human forces deactivated because of physical disability, psychological or mental or social and economic conditions compelling energies productively to ensure itself of living through the care, training and rehabilitation of individuals in the role of institutions and centers of various social welfare, or through the provision of continuing subsidies for alternative families that the task of providing care substitute for institutions and families prone to disintegration and collapse that in addition to promoting and supporting the private sector voluntary charitable contribution in the provision of social care services in various forms. Agency and intensify its efforts towards the attention of family and child care programs through the support of family and child care activities, as a family the main pillar in the construction of human society, and in this area the agency is focusing its efforts in the direction of family awareness and guidance to do its job effectively in the upbringing of their children several future and prepare them to contribute to bear the burdens of development and progress of the community economically and socially. The agency also is interested to work to achieve the care foundations and proper guidance to those who are cared for in the role of social institutions, through attention to adaptation and acceptance and the creation of social stability for these categories activities with the aim of social re-adaptation with the outside community and protect the community from the problems of the phenomenon back to delinquency, and help them to overcome the problems they may face when they return to natural environments. Deputy Ministry for Social Development Embodiment of the role assigned to agency social development is the most important oversight of private bodies which are supervised by the ministry which charities, and cooperative societies, and committees of civil and social development, social development centers, where the number of these entities exceeds more than 1200 hand, is seeking Social Development Agency to establish the concept of social development in general in the community and that conscious and practical prevention directed to formulate an integrated cultural building the community confirms his identity and subjectivity and creativity, mainly based on the principle of positive collective participation by individuals through private bodies from planning and decision-making process through implementation and take on responsibilities and end the use of Bmrdodat and the fruits of development projects and programs and the role of this agency is focused on several things, including: First: the supervision of charities and cooperative societies believing that charitable and cooperative activity represents an important aspect of national economic activity and a key element in the development of local communities initiative and collective participation of citizens programs and depending on the material and human resources that can be provided locally, where he sought to increase the expansion of the the opening of a number of charities and a number of cooperative societies. And also oversee the committees of civil and social development, which seeks to meet the needs of local communities and to meet the basic requirements and bring about the desired change by providing services to raise the level of individuals in the community and provide them with the expertise and the new skills and knowledge to help them manage their affairs and resolve their problems and provide them with the expertise and skills useful spur to action, cooperation and carry responsibility and discovery capable of participating in advancing development and upgradation of local leaders and includes the supervision of the IAEA on this civil administrative and financial supervision authorities in accordance with the rules and regulations and rules for each of them. Second, the implementation of development programs, in particular: preventive and awareness and guidelines in social preventive aspect cared programs associated directed to the individual Valhawwadt Kalamrad, ignorance, poverty, poor housing, tension and disagreement are not always of coincidences or bad luck produces The way to live an individual exposed to such incidents, and programs of social protection is at the same time social responsibility and the responsibility of an individual to reduce the spread of such incidents in the community, and working to invest positive aspects to the members of the community of the capacity and capability and direct guidance Hassan, also cared next to outreach, which is one of the most important prevention tools in the community, especially at the level of primary prevention, tens of thousands of cases of accidents and the problems that we were able to prevent the occurrence still occur annually in the community. As a result, people in the community do not know about these incidents and problems and ways to prevent them. Or that knowledge does not translate into practical steps, and in both cases can be educational outreach programs directed to leave an important impact on the crucial sector in local communities. Third: directing the civil authorities to implement development programs to re-adapt or re-learn and prepare for the life of the needy and work to achieve a contribution to human development through training and qualification certificates accredited by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training. Deputy Ministry for Social Security Was created Social Security in 1382, the Royal decree number 18 and 19 in 18/03/1382 e enactment of the social security system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to be implemented by the social security interest beginning of the fiscal year 1382/1383 AH to organize help the poor and needy families and individuals and care for ongoing against the need and want and to ensure them a minimum level of decent living and provide them with a decent life and raise their humiliation matter and dignity. In 1395/1396 e indefinite interest and Deputy Ministry of Social Security Social Security has become, has embarked on Social Security to provide its services to the beneficiaries in the first beginnings through twenty-eight offices, but now are providing these services through (94) Eighty-four offices, which is broken down by administrative regions. And enjoys the social security sector support and attention of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Crown Prince, may Allah manifests itself by increasing appropriations years after Social Security in order to achieve all of the beneficiaries of this service sector
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