Fiscal year 1424/1425 is its exceptional year for the Ministry of Labour, as a result of the many changes that have occurred in the organization and functions of the ministry, in this year's Council of Ministers Resolution No. (27) and the date 02/01/1425 e of the separation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to the two ministries first independent work second and social Affairs, and the termination of the workforce Council powers and powers transferred to the Ministry of Labour. It also ruled that the Ministry of Labour responsible for all activities that relate to the affairs of employers and workers, which was carried out by the agency Labor Affairs at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, including: - The application of Labor Law. - Matters relating to labor disputes. - Employment in the private sector. - Recruitment Affairs, according to the decree of the Royal Decree No. (34 457) and the date of 22/08/1423 AH on the organization of visas to the Kingdom for work. - All matters relating to the organization of relations with Arab and foreign countries and international organizations, regional bodies with regard to the Arab and international labor affairs and workers. The resolution also provided that there will be an organizational study of the Ministry of Labour by the Ministerial Committee for Administrative Organization. Accordingly, the Ministerial Committee for Administrative Organization and agreed to a temporary organizational structure of the ministry for a year after the adoption is permanent organizational structure of the Ministry. Also released in this year's Council of Ministers Resolution No. (88) and the date of 03/14/1425 AH judge the creation of the agency and the Ministry of Labour for planning and development, and transfer of the functions of the General Secretariat of the Council of manpower available and busy, and financial allocations and supplies its own to this agency. Therefore, a large part of this year is a transition period included the reorganization of the ministry to be able to perform its role required a manner consistent with the goals of large and responsibilities entrusted to it ... The overall objective: Regulate the use of the workforce through the implementation of the system, and human resources planning and development, and the settlement of labor disputes in the private sector. Tasks: 1. Draw the general policy of Labor Affairs of the Kingdom in the scope of public policy of the State in accordance with Islamic principles of social justice, in order to achieve full employment, and employment stable rewarding citizens, and the creation of conditions and labor relations to increase production and improve living standards, and the consolidation of human relations between employers. 2. discuss and study the issues and problems of labor within the framework of plans and projects of economic and social development in conjunction with the competent bodies in the UK. 3. development of plans and formulation of policies on hiring Saudis and Saudization in the private sector enterprises in the light of what is stated in the work system, and the decision of the Council of Ministers No. (50) and the date of 21/04/1415 AH, and other resolutions and instructions relating to this matter. 4. supervise the recruitment and transportation services and the use of manpower and licenses to operate in the private sector enterprises, and licensing of private recruitment offices. 5. Special labor inspection policy, and monitor the implementation of the work system and instruct employers to texts kits. 6. Create a database of the labor market in the Kingdom include workers in the private sector data, both Saudis and non-Saudis. 7. Search and suggest ways leading to the creation and coordinate the distribution of social services workers, and oversee the implementation and deployment of its methods and the preparation of laws and regulations, services, and its implementing decisions. 8. follow up the implementation of projects and programs that relate to the affairs of the work and the pursuit of common goals in this way in cooperation with the competent organs of the State taking into account the terms of reference and powers vested in each of them. 9. preparation of statistical research unions, implementation and dissemination of results in agreement with the Department of Statistics and Information. 10. Track and evaluate the implementation of their plans, projects and programs, with regard to the work of affairs, reporting and related data. 11. discuss ways of regulating relations with Arab and foreign countries, international organizations, international and regional bodies with regard to employment issues, including the exchange of experience and information and experts, specialists, and missions and take hold achieved agreements for this purpose procedures within the general policy of the state range after returning to the competent authorities. 12. Organize participation in conferences, workshops, regional, Arab and international studies that relate to fields of competence, and to prepare for the establishment of such international conferences in agreement with the competent authorities.
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