Ministry of Water and Electricity

With the emerging of the new down to the modern Saudi state by its founder king Abdul Aziz , the winds of development blew on the vast peninsula in al fields like the water and electricity ones the departed king greatly cared about saving the means of comfort and welfare to the population in all parts of the kingdom. The beginning was form Ain Zubydah in Makkah and Ain El- ZarKh in Madinah. He also ordered his officials to save drinking water to the pilgrims and the Beduins by digging wells and setting up dams and basins to collect the water of floods on the ways that the pilgrims and the beduins use in their transportation . In 1348 Hegira, the king Abdel Aziz ordered the top officials to import two sets for intensifying and drilling the salty sea water and that formed a base for a first station for desalting the sea water known by Al- kindasa The departed king realized the importance of electricity in the society and its development , therefore , he gave the priority to illuminate the two holy mosques( the Kabba mosque and the prophets mosque), the beginning was in 1327 Hegira by illuminating the holy prophets mosque in Madinah from two generators , one was working by coal and another by kerosine . In 1338 Hegira the holy Kabba mosque has been illuminated.
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