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The wafi .. Full feed for cattle, alfalfa, barley replaced together. The secret is in themix to fit on an integrated and balanced diet of grains and alfalfa as well as the key components of the bran, soybeans, molasses, vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the animal cud. All the teacher to remember is that there is no need foralfalfa and other forage for Aalkhaddra Ostkhaddamb use "ARASCO" logo "and the unit Ave .. enough ..." In marketing campaigns. WAFI advantages: With it, no need to add any other fodders of barely, falfla, rodes or hays because it contains them.Achieves cost effective advantage in saving feeding costs with a percentage up to 50%. Achieving the nutritional health integration and balance in the fodder provided to the cattl. It is proven and as per the experiments that upon feeding one animal by six kilograms of WAFI, it gives an increase in the meat production by one kilogram, i.e. every six kilograms of WAFI provides one kilograms of meat for one animal, while every 12 kilograms of barely and falfla gives one kilogram of meat for one animal. Consequently it achieves what is scientifically called an increase in the rates of nutritional transformation. It increases milk production for female camels. Prevention from the diseases of mal nutrition and enhances the power of immunity system for fighting disease. Rise in fertilization rate and increase of twins rates of raising animals.
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