Eastern Development Co.

The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia has traditionally been known for its major contribution to the economic prosperity of the Kingdom. It’s ports accommodated cargo ships and its deep water was a source of income for many strivers. The Eastern Province has consistently been an oasis providing food over generations of residents of the Arabian Peninsula until the discovery of the black gold which filled our beloved country with prosperity. Planned development that continued since a long time ago emphasized the pioneering role enjoyed by this Province in all aspects of life. Agriculture required great contribution which included challenges that saw land and sweat intermix until the land became productive. The whole world vouched for our continuous contribution which began from the time of prophet Mohamed (PBUH). images39Hence the Eastern Development Company voiced its desire to contribute to the economic prosperity of the Kingdom. The Company has exerted great efforts in reclaiming land, drilling wells and preparing the fields until production began. Since its inception the Company understood the importance of diversification of sources of income, therefore, it ensured the diversity of the farmed crops and establishing agro-industries that utilize these crops as well as animal husbandry, dairy production and related industries. Also the production of fertilizers, trading in wholesale and retail meat and honey products. Following this expansionist policy that the Company followed since its inception, it did not suffice to expand laterally regarding diversified projects and varying the sources of income but began to expand vertically regarding production. This was achieved through utilizing state of the art agricultural methods, using bio-fertilizers, chemicals and the best breeding stock for animal husbandry. Additionally using the best biological methods and planting of trees as wind, sand and soil erosion protection.
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P.O. Box 7118, Dammam 31462, Saudi Arabia. Wasel Information: 3469 Kaab ibn jammar-ash shati ash sharqi Uint No.:10 ADAMMAM 32413 - 6086 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Phone: 966-13-8099439
Fax: 966-13-8099438
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