Obaer, Hotel-Olaya.

Obaer, Hotel-Olaya. We welcome you in Obaer Hotel with a great different ad special services, and Room types. In addition of the premium Location, in the hearth of Riyadh City, on Olaya Main Street, 2 minutes walking distance from Faisaliah Tower. Which make it very near from the commercial center and many of Entertainment places in addition to the Major International Companies. This premium location makes you reach your business easier and comfortable. Obaer Hotel, Riyadh-Olaya team is ready to serve you with a very special services, with a very unique facilities such a business center. With high speed internet and in all meeting rooms as well. In addition ro secretary services in it, Deluxe Limousine are ready to take you in al the City and from the airport and drop off with a valet parking special to take care of your car. Obaer Hotel contain a Total of 170 units including all room types, designed with a modern and classic interior build to meet all guests needs. Deluxe Rooms, Executive Rooms, and different types of Suites, Senior, Executive and Royal Suites. - Our rooms are very special, its beds covers all are made of 100% pure cotton to guarantee 100% comfortable while asleep. - Obaer Hotel, Riyadh-Olaya team is very glad to help you arrange all your travel arrangements of tickets, meetings and all information you need about Saudi Arabia. - Obaer Hotel team is ready to serve you with many facilities and languages makes your stay more comfortable and secure.
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Contact Information
Saudi Arabia – Riyadh Address: Obaer Hotel – Olaya Riyadh P.O. Box 8685 Olaya Main Street,
Phone: 966-11-2181000
Fax: 966-11-4666659
Company Email:
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