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Max Smart Code is an integrated cloud accounting system to manage all administrative and accounting tasks in one place. who are we : A company interested in developing software and providing financial solutions. We adopt the latest technologies in software development and provide the best solutions for business owners. All our programs are licensed to operate and conform to international standards. The accounts program has been registered and approved by the Zakat and Income Authority. The accounts program is compatible with the requirements of the electronic invoice. The most important services provided by the program: Sales and purchases invoices, service invoices and points of sale. General accounts . Electronic payment. Warehouses. Personnel . Fixed assets . fixed asset depreciation. Manufacturing operations management. leasing system. More than 250 screens. More than 160 reports. All in one place to manage all the business and know the company's financial position at any time. We are always interested in updating: The program is constantly being developed and new updates added. The technical support team works to follow up customers and answer all requests. Data is backed up continuously and a data backup can be taken at any time to ensure data is saved from damage. All websites are provided with an SSL certificate. All sites are secured with a very high rate of protection from hacking. The program can work from any device, from anywhere, at any time, while ensuring a round-the-clock operation rate on the best servers. There is a trial version of the program that can be worked on with the possibility of training the company's cadres to work on the program to provide the best performance and quality of work. The most important features: • The program is compatible with all devices, systems and mobile devices. • You can work on the program from anywhere. • The program is designed with a very high level of security, as it was designed in ASP.NET language with SQL Server databases. • The program is multi-user with detailed options for the powers of each user's work within the program. • The pages of the program are designed in a single format, so you will need to use only one of these windows, and then you will be familiar with dealing with the rest of the windows. • You can print customized and varied lists from all program data windows according to wide criteria and options, in addition to the multiple statistical and summary reports available in the program. The program is characterized by the issuance of all types of invoices such as: • Sales invoices Purchase invoices Sales returns Purchases returned • Quotations • Purchase orders • Sales orders • Utility bills • POS • All invoices can be sent by e-mail and WhatsApp. • The program features a complete accounts guide that can be added and modified as needed • The program enables you to move between branches and multiple funds easily. • The program is characterized by the interdependence of invoices and financial bonds with daily entries automatically, with the possibility of adding special entries. • You can request an account statement within a specific date according to the branch, currency and cost center. • The program is characterized by adding a tree of accounts that can deal with all accounts, modify and display them with ease. • The program is characterized by the creation of vouchers automatically for all accounts with a detailed view of each voucher. • The program is characterized by simplifying dealing with receipt and exchange vouchers and making it very easy and clear. • Multiple receipt and exchange vouchers are also available. • You can add any number of branches and warehouses with different balances for each of them to deal with in the program. • You can add any number of funds with different balances for each of them to deal with in the program. • The program enables you to deal with items and add several images with barcodes and alerts for each item. • The program enables you to deal with aggregate items that are involved in the manufacturing process. • The program enables you to manage manufacturing operations with detailed reports of manufacturing operations. • The program enables you to deal with foodstuffs and items with an expiration date. • The program enables you to deal with the modern (barcode) system. • The program enables you to enter the items through the mobile camera or the computer and dispense with the barcode reader. • The presence of the varieties tree helps you in managing your items. • The program is characterized by the existence of an integrated employee management system linked with accounts such as attendance, dismissal, salary delivery, lateness, bonuses, compensation and document management. • The program is characterized by the existence of a system for leasing and contract management. • The program is characterized by the ability to add images and modify them in an easy and simplified way. • You can allocate one or more branch or fund for each user, specifying the main fund or branch for each of them. • You can set the name of the main currency and its sub-unit according to the country in which you will use the program. • You can update currencies according to the exchange rate and update them directly according to the international exchange rates. • You can display the important currency in the main screen with the exchange rate and update it directly. • Detailed warehouse reports with graph. • Electronic payment methods have been prepared automatically. You can send invoices to customers via WhatsApp or e-mail. Internal messaging system to send internal messages between users. • written chat system. • Task management system to monitor and manage tasks and their implementation. The e-mail system so that any mail can be sent from within the program and mass promotional messages can be sent to all customers. • A phone book to save contacts and facilitate communication. • control the display of the home page. System monitoring so that all user operations are recorded. • Alerts to the program manager on the most important accounting operations. The success of our clients in managing their business is a source of inspiration for us. Our program is the most trusted among customers by user experience.
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Riyadh - Al-Nahda district
Phone: 966-11-535238096
Mobile: 966-535238096
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