ALKHORAYEF COMMERCIAL : Distributes a wide range of top quality machinery imported from all round the world. We also offer unique and second-to- none after-sales services through our spare parts and maintenance operations. The brands we distribute are the best in their field, and we develop long-term partnerships with the companies that own them. Our distributors are highly knowledgeable and properly trained in the operation of each machine type. We also work closely with our partners to improve existing machinery types to meet the changing needs. In addition, we play a prominent role in protecting the environment by providing advanced eco-friendly products that meet the highest international standards. INDUSTRIAL DIVISION • Material handling equipment and forklifts for factories and warehouses, and special equipment for advanced storage systems (brands include Linde and Hubtix) • Electrical power equipment such as electrical generators, horizontal and vertical electric motors and control panels (brands include Gulf Power, US Motors, Volvo Penta) • Waterworks Equipment for use in water and sanitation projects, energy, and desalination plants (brands include Centex Arabia, Cornel and Western pumps) AGRICULTURAL DIVISION • Farming equipments such as tractors and harvesters (John Deere) • Water pumping (Western Pump) • Agricultural Engine (Volvo Penta) MARINE DIVISION: Our Marine division imports and markets world-class marine and diving brands, accessories and spare parts in Saudi Arabia, including Yamaha, Volvo Penta and Mares. We serve the marine market in both business and pleasure , with our clients ranging from the Saudi fishermen, the Saudi Navy, the Coast Guard and the Civil Defence to the ultimate in superyachts. In addition, we also provide outstanding after-sales service through integrated maintenance centers and a highly experienced team. We have service centers in both the Western and Eastern regions of the Kingdom. Alkhorayef Group was founded in 1957 by the late Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhorayef, who was quite ambitious and daring. By virtue of his dedication, the group made its name in Saudi Arabia’s agriculture sector. He soon represented reputable international producers of water pumps, agricultural, irrigation and well drilling equipment in the Kingdom. In a short span of time, Alkhorayef Group has achieved excellence on agricultural market by representing and marketing the top of the line brands, combined with a variety of excellent services to its customers. The Company diversified its activities and continued its progress in various fields such as machinery systems, oil, contracting as well as printing and paper.
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P.O.BOX 281808 RIYADH 11392, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 966-11-4955452
Fax: 966-11-2134716
Company Email:
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