Ethmideen Hair Plus Cream or emulsion is a very substantive to hair, in hair care application it is capable of laying down continues film on the hair shaft, hence imparting extra body firmness and texture to the hair. Therefore, this hair emulsion has strengthen damaged hair from many treatment processes and UV damage. Its stimulation to the hair growth is very effective. It helps in miniaturization lasted and overall manageability. It is also good thickener encouraging hair growth and help to control dandruff. It is available for safe use to normal hair premed, curly or strengthened as well as gray hair. Action: Nutritive & Stimulant for hair follicles and encouraging healthy hair growth, it is effective for protecting scalp from early baldness. Helps growth of children's hair and makes it strong and long. Scalp cleaner and conditioner. Strengthens damaged hair from many treatment processes and UV damage. Makes hair soft with beautiful bloom, glossy shine and protects hair from hair splitting.
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Saudi Arabia Jeddah P.O Box 132188 Western Region Zip Code 21382 Al - Enayah Hair Oil Factory Dr. Samir Al - Rayyes
Phone: 966-11-503600189
Mobile: 966-503600189
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Person In Charge
Mobile: 966-503600189
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