Al-Andalus Glass Factory Co.

Andalusia Glass Company largest single group projects Andalusia trade to contribute to the renaissance of Saudi wheel and keep up with market demands Saudi construction and that all would serve in Amarah Saudi Arabia, in particular projects that rely on oversized doors and Domes and the pyramids and glass partitions, whether big government projects or special projects or even pools Business, which lends a touch of beauty for granted glass forms and colors and reflections are remarkable ability Rights talk to innovate in the methods of architecture and how to take advantage of the tremendous development of this. Therefore, the need for the provision of machinery and equipment and also capable of managing cadres as the Glass uses extensive and numerous. We have provided the company Andalusia Glass anything that would meet the needs of the Saudi market techniques and mechanisms and cadres capable of providing supply to any request regardless of the specifications and requirements of glass so During the construction of two able to meet God and that all requests Mai_khas glass, with world specifications The high quality and certified to ensure reasonable price should not forget all this, where that quality is advised by consultants In construction, architecture, we have God for that.
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Phone: 966-11-2650908
Fax: 966-11-4487963
Mobile: 966-504194516
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Person In Charge
Phone: 966-11-4482160
Mobile: 966-553078234
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