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ThirtyThree broke into the Design World with full force and What it offering of a new service to its customers, That service enable them to possess a Professional technical designs department at the highest level . we put between your hands a group of professional designers who obtained The best international and local training, ThirtyThree provide to you the trouble and fatigue management Art & Design department within your company . 8 years ago we live up to the public a taste of the customers in the Arab countries Keep in their hands eventual Study, research and experience in the development of design in the world because we have permanent presence in exhibitions Global Innovation .
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AL Faisaliah Tower, Floor 18, Riyadh. Alyarmook, Dmam Road , Exit 8, Riyadh. Boulevard Plaza Tower, Level 21, Dubai.
Phone: 966-11-4903976
Mobile: 966-541018080
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Person In Charge
Bakr Ahmed
Marketing Mangar
Phone: 966-11-4903976
Mobile: 966-541018080
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