Laser Company for Metal Industries Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in supplying electrical, industrial, and mechanical parts to the region’s largest manufacturers. Our main clients include ABB, Alfanar, Saudi Oger, Alkhorayef, Schneider Electric and others. Established in the early 1990s in Riyadh’s new industrial city, the factory has gone many expansions over the years and is currently expanding even further by building a factory in other key locations in the region (Khartoum, Sudan, and Aleppo Syria). We are one of the pioneers of injection moulding processes in the kingdom and our R&D Engineers has developed many innovative solutions for our clients that has become the standards in their industries. Our experienced engineers and our dedicated team of professionals can take your idea from conception to production while keeping your satisfaction in mind. Want to learn more about Laser Company? Want to join our ever growing partners? Email us today with your requirements and we will be more that happy to give you a competitive quotation. Learn More about our Products and Manufacturing Capacity.
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Contact Information
New Industrial Area, Riyadh 14334 7156
Phone: 966-11-2651432
Fax: 966-11-2651266
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Amer Meknas
Deputy General Manager
Phone: 966-11-2651432
Mobile: 966-534278041
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