Salman Abdullah Bin Saedan Group for real Real Estate Development achieved a major distinction in the real estate development by building various construction projects. This makes it to be one of the leading developers in this area in the Kingdom. As a result, it has got a number of appreciation awards. Salman Abdullah Bin Saedan Group for Real Estate keens to achieve the principles of sustainable projects, which requires a transition of thinking processes for users and customers from the initial cost to total cost of cycle life of the project and from short to long view. This requires a major change in conduct and practice, design, manufacturing, offering construction and use on all levels, Contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, manufacturers and other relevant authorities. The group focused on the necessity for rehabilitation contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, who works as strategic partners for Salman Abdullah bin Saedan Group for Real Estate. All this is a guarantee for achieving projects by the required quality standards and achieved it on time with the estimated cost to fulfill customers satisfaction.
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