A Sharia compliant company established with the collaboration of real estate professionals and investment bankers to create unique investment opportunities. The presence of the capabilities of specialty and qualification of high economic thinking can adapt the flow of money in the channels and vessels safe risk, but the safest place to be investment vehicles this based on their compatibility with the requirements of the law which is just out for any profit was tainted by suspicion, and this often will not only come from during the capabilities of highly qualified knowledge and skills of the sons of the nation who are motivated by concern for the development of the assets and revenues of purity. And in the canopy of Finance has built the vision, mission and goals on this basis and looks to be customer satisfaction and partners is the fruits of all investment
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P.O.BOX: 127473 jeddha 21352
Phone: 966-12-2384995
Fax: 966-12-2385004
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