Abar Water Company

ABAR, Hail Water Company, is one of the finest bottled drinking water providers in Saudi Arabia since 2008. Basically sourcing the water from HAIL, one of the Best Oasis in SAUDIA is company's U.S.P.. There has been an enormous acceptance of ABAR water due to its Purity and Taste. Abar Water Factory adopted maximum precision in controlling the quality control mechanism in all production lines. The chemical laboratory and the microbiology laboratory, which have been equipped with the latest instruments and devices are gathering computerized data in all his laboratory tests, to ensure the safety of water, and able to monitor the balance of natural elements of water, with compliance to international standards. All these processes are operated under the supervision of experts in quality control and water treatment. Abar Water Factory is using the best technology in water purification and bottling to gather the groundwater passing through the purification and bottling plants. Abar Water Company's water, through a strict process, ends up with a sealed and wrapped bottle automatically. As a result, Abar Water Company obtained Quality Certificate from the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) from the starting - Abar became very competitive compared to other manufacturer by acquiring various certifications.
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Contact Information
Abar Water Company PO BOX : 574 KSA
Phone: 966-16-5656777
Fax: 966-16-5343777
Company Email:
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